About the Elf Breed

NOTE: We do not breed Elf

Endora currently resides at Calian Cats as a show cat so she can be shown in New South Wales on behalf of her breeder, Jakin Hobbs from Sphynxwillow - Sphync, Elf & Bambino Cats. While we do not breed this breed of cat we find it to be a mesmerising breed to own and thought as it is a very new breed here in Australia, Endora needed her very own page on our site.

The Elf cat has an athletic and muscular body similar to that of the Sphynx. As well as their hairless ancestor, Elf cats have very prominent cheek bones and whisker pads. The whiskers and eyebrows, if any, are sparse and very short. The skin is intensively wrinkled around the shoulders, ears, and muzzle. This is especially obvious in kittens. The ears are curled backwards, which is a treat inherited from the American Curl. Ear furnishings are missing. The unique ears along with the overall hairless appearance make the most recognizable features of the Elf cat. The long tail is tapering to the tip. The weight is 4.5 to 6.8 kilo.